A native of Montreal, Jeffrey Finkelstein's culinary resume, the kitchens in which he has cooked, and the chefs alongside whom he has labored, all rank among the best in the world.

After graduating top of his class from New York's French Culinary Institute in 2004, Jeffrey apprenticed at Chef Thomas Keller's vaunted 3-Star Michelin Per Se in Manhattan.

Returning home in 2005, he took on the role of Garde Manger at Chef Normand Laprise's Toqué!, an accredited Relais Gourmand restaurant recognized by many as the finest in Canada.

Continuing his relationship with Chef Keller, Jeffrey did a stage at The French Laundry in California's Napa Valley, another 3-Star Michelin kitchen held to be the best in the United States.

Next, Jeffrey set his sights on Europe, seeking to further enhance his repertoire.

It was in 2006 at Hibiscus, Chef Claude Bosi's 2-Star Michelin establishment in Ludlow, England, that Jeffrey was given his first opportunity to help manage every facet of a world-class kitchen, overseeing each station ranging from starters and fish, to meat and desserts. During this very formative experience, working under the guiding hand of the executive head chef and owner, Jeffrey was named Junior Sous Chef.

Determined to master as many epicurean skills as he could, in 2007 Jeffrey focused his energy on the art of pastry-making, going to work for the renowned chef and chocolatier, Oriol Balageur in Barcelona. Here he learned how to craft chocolates, pastries and breads, essential classical skills that require a delicate touch, and careful attention to detail and aesthetics.

From here, committed to set the bar ever higher, Jeffrey put his ambition and discipline to the ultimate test when he was asked to join the 2008 brigade at El Bulli, in Rosas, Spain. This 3-Star Michelin landmark has been named the best restaurant in the world 4 years in a row by Restaurant Magazine (UK). Working under the tutelage of gastronomic visionaries, brothers Alberto and Ferran Adria, Jeffrey was exposed to cooking on a revolutionary scale.

Jeffrey's old-fashioned work ethic and insatiable appetite for exploration and discovery - both within the kitchen and without - have helped him forge a philosophy rooted in dedication and creativity. Throughout his evolution as a chef, he has carefully cultivated his own culinary style that is both modern and natural, technique-driven and organic. His unique vision blends avant-garde processes, balanced flavors, and a raw, rustic aesthetic.

With a knowledge base informed by travel to nearly 40 countries, exposure to the very best restaurants and chefs in the world, classical training plus a first-hand knowledge of the most cutting-edge methods known today, Jeffrey is at the very forefront of his trade and focused on taking the art of cooking to the next level.